Power Generator Rental Services In Singapore

Suppose you are a homeowner and the power goes out and remains off for several days. You can say goodbye to all the contents in the refrigerator. If you own a business, a prolonged power outage might cost you not only goods but also new clients. When it comes to power outage, it is unpredictable and for most people, it can cost you a lot of money.

It is why getting a power generator is beneficial, in case of power failure or building maintenance and servicing of switchgear. You’ll be capable of supplying portion or all of your property with a backup generator, allowing you to work or live more securely and reduce financial damage during periods when the electricity goes out for days.

Our power generators range in size and capacity (5KVA to 1.25 MVA). Whether you are looking to power up your main switchboard, emergency switchboard, air conditioning switchboard or serve your outdoor camping needs, we have the right one just for you.

Power Generators Available

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Power Generator in Singapore?

Renting a power generator can cost around $80-$200 a day, depending on voltage capacity and fuel rates. An industrial-sized towable one that can power multiple appliances can be much higher depending on your full requirements.

Advantages Of Having A Power Generator

Power generators are perfect for giving electricity to medical front-line personnel or anyone during an emergency situation that requires electricity.  It provides temporary use of cutting-edge technology for saving lives or even simple necessities like providing lights.

Although it may appear that the primary purpose for owning one is to provide power during emergencies, the benefits of owning one extends to non-emergencies too. When working at a construction site, contractors that utilises electrical tools find them convenient. In this scenario, the its portability comes in handy because it permits the generator to move between sites with ease.

Why Choose Us

We believe in paying for what you need and use. Hence, our packages are flexible to be scaled up or down to give you the voltage and power that you need. Our rental packages are focused on tailoring to your timeline, power needs and budget capacity. We provide fast, flexible and affordable power generator rental.

If your power demands fluctuate, or if you are unsure of how much energy you will be needed, we also offer on-demand packages. This means that you only pay, and we only provide, when you use our generators. This saves you operating costs such as fuel and rental fees.

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