Portable Generators Rental in Singapore

Portable generators are often compact in order to be convenient to move around. They are ideal for active recreation filmmaking operations. The usage of portable generators is relatively easy.  They are convenient sources of power that can work in any situation and configuration. It could be a production endeavour, a one-time carnival event, or a quick fix for a power outage, for small loads of under 6KVA.

While they are be life-saving and useful, they are normally required on a temporary basis and can be costly to purchase outright. As a result, renting them is often the more cost-effective option. 

However, these are more short term options as the fuel tanks are small. As a result, the fuel will only last 2-3 hours for 50% – 75% of load before requiring a top up.

Our Portable Generators

Benefits of Portable Rechargeable Power Generators

  • It last for a minimum 2-3 hours before the need to refuel, a set with a larger fuel tank can last for longer hours
  • Portable options starting from 100kg to 900kg
  • Engine as silent as 63 dB(A) at 1 meter away
  • Connect multiple units to various distribution boxes (DB) or socket-outlet assemblies (SOA)

Portable generators are lightweight and easy to transport. They allow you to cover different sections of a work site at different times of the day. During the day, you can utilise them in one spot and shift the equipment to another as your project proceeds. 

Renting a portable generator is far less expensive than owning a permanent one or attempting to power your outdoor event in other methods. The majority of industrial-grade portable generators are rented for roughly $150 per day. This stands in stark contrast to the hefty cost of ownership.

Renting one is a cost-effective and appropriate solution for organisations or project teams who do not require a generator all year but have projects that require portable electrical sources all year.

Which Portable Generator Is Right For You?

We have a complete array of portable generators to fulfil your requirements. Please let us know if you want portable electricity at a moment’s notice or for commercial/industrial use.

Whether you need to power a single appliance or an entire building, we can provide you with peace of mind by connecting you with the ideal set that will meet your electrical needs.

We have developed a strong cooperation with many of the local industry’s known companies over the years to deliver you premium-quality generators that not only fulfil industry safety standards but are also suited for a wide range of applications at various electrical capacities.

Uses and Applications

  1. Construction and Outdoor Job Sites
    • They provide consistent, effective power supply, allowing construction crews to accomplish their work efficiently and on time.
  2. Outdoor Events and Festivals
    • Outdoor types of events involve a great deal of power. Electricity is required for the correct operation of portable lighting, food and beverage trucks, perishable commodities storage, and will equipment. Speakers and microphones may also be required for music-related events.
    • Portable generators power the most important aspects of your outdoor events, assisting in the creation of a safe and well-equipped setting for your guests and clients to enjoy.
  3. Outdoor Dining Settings:
    • Outdoor dining and electricity goes together. It can be used to provide lighting and heat.
    • Restaurants can use them for their refrigerators, allowing food storage while freeing up kitchen space.
  4. Residential Use
    • They are useful during reconstructions, power outages, and pretty much any other event during which a home’s main electricity source is disrupted

Setting Up

To set up the generator, cables, socket-outlet assemblies, CEEform outlets to the various load, we need to check the full requirement, distance, length of cable, type of load and load profile prior to deployment. Compliance to noise level requirements may require a soundproof enclosure for residential areas. Do confirm all these details with us or a electrical professional before deploying a generator.

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