Our generator packages also include generator transportation and delivery services.

When you rent with ActiveGen, we use our own specialist delivery and service vehicles to deliver your generators to you. This is to ensure that the generator is delivered, installed and commissioned with a minimum of inconvenience and in the most economical manner.

We also have rear-mounted cranes on our crane trucks to assist in our loading, transporting & offloading generators.

Generator Transport Services for Hire

When it comes to generator rental, the troublesome matter is usually the transportation process, especially if it is a heavy industrial generator.

Whether it is diesel, natural gas, portability is the main obstacle in getting the generators to a remote location. These locations often are several kilometres away from a transportation hub and require the proper equipment and vehicle to transport them to the intended destination.

We understand how cumbersome it can be and hence, would like to reduce our clients’ worry when it comes to generator rental.

Our generator rental services are available on-demand. Simply inform us at least three working days in advance for us to assist you with your request.

How Do You Transport a Generator?

When transporting a generator, you should cover it to protect it from any collision impact or damage. Place it upright at the back of a lorry or moving truck and secure its position with bungee cords or straps. This is to prevent it from moving away from its secured position during transport.

Can You Transport a Generator in Your Car?

We would not recommend that. Never place your generator inside a vehicle. Even with the fuel tank drained, gasoline fumes can easily overwhelm you and distract your driving experience. Transporting a generator in your car unprofessionally poses a health hazard and safety concern.

The best place to haul your generator is in the bed of a pickup truck or in the back of a lorry.