Ensuring the generator set is the right size to power your facility or project is also another crucial aspect of your rental journey.

We provide an onsite installation process to help ensure that is properly installed so that you can kickstart your event and get things going.

Our services include:

  1. Setting Up
    1. Excavate required cable trenches
    1. Create groundwork and all foundations
    1. Deliver the generator to site
  2. Installation Process
    1. Install and test the complete system
    1. Provide all operation manuals and wiring diagrams
  3. Staff & Personnel Training
    1. Train personnel in the safe operation of the system
    1. Providing you with a fully operational generator
  4. Products Engineering & Consultation
    1. We have an experienced team of expert engineers and experienced staff specialises in generator consultation, installation, and maintenance services.
    1. Whether you need a small range generator or a larger commercial/industrial generator system, we can help you select the right equipment to meet your needs.
    1. Our turnkey generator installation process includes an initial site evaluation and project assessment, professional installation, and long-term maintenance contract solutions.
    1. When required, we perform power quality, engineering, and load studies to determine the exact loads and requirements of your project.
    1. For nearly all businesses, an unexpected power loss can have costly consequences, including damaged goods, delayed timetable, lost productivity and revenue, security failures, data loss, and more.
    1. A commercial/industrial generator system can provide reliable power in even the most extreme circumstances.

All manner of generator installations can be undertaken.

Large projects including High Voltage mains integration and building management (BMS) integration to remote installations for Telecoms towers, offshore operations and remote site locations.

ActiveGen offers a broad range of commercial/industrial generator systems to meet our client’s diverse needs. Our team can help you choose the equipment that is best suited to your project specifications.