Diesel Generators for Rent in Singapore

A diesel generator has many purposes. It can be used as an emergency power source in an event of a mains supply failure, power cut or power failure.  Diesel generators are utilised all over the world to power plants and equipment, generate electricity, and serve as automotive engines. They are utilised in nearly all industries.  They act as a strong and efficient portable power system that produces electricity.

Diesel Generators Available

Advantages of Diesel Generators

The primary factors are dependability and cost effectiveness. Unlike in the past, today’s diesel generators make lesser noise and it is cheaper to maintain. They are far more durable and dependable.

They offer more power than natural gas engines of the same grade and size. They are also usually the safer option and can run and operate for longer hours. This means that their lifespan is generally longer than their natural gas engine counterparts. Like cars, diesel-powered generators are also quieter.

How Do I Decide Which Diesel Generators to Use?

Be it whether you need a compact & lightweight portable one, or if you are in need of a heavy-duty one, ActiveGen is here to help you.

We carry a huge range of diesel generators that are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial usage. From power plants to events, to industrial areas and construction sites, our portfolio of products can cover all your needs.

Our generators are also weatherproof, being able to withstand harsh climates and outdoor weather. They are also tested for lifelong performance, to ensure maximum operating capacity and energy capabilities.

When it comes to choosing a generator for your requirement, it may be tricky. Our friendly staff is always around to help you should you require any advice or assistance. Our expert engineers design the perfect set-up to match your needs and wants. So you know you have the most energy-efficient and reliable solution to your requirements.

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