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We are a one stop shop for generators in Singapore. We supply and provide services including and not limited to all cabling to the switchboard, electrical panels, SOA plugs & sockets, essential supply equipment with standby crew.

Generator Rental Services In Singapore

Renting a generator is a popular alternative for a multitude of reasons, including building sites, commercial and industrial operations, special events, and emergency backup. It is critical to understand the size and power requirements for your application.

Our rental models are specifically customized  for all usages, from a portable generator set for a small event, or for construction and industrial sites. They can offer durability and are suited for long-term usage, over weeks and months. They are also safe to be stored outdoors and operate under rain and wind, having passed the industrial safety test for water penetration and air flow penetration.

Why Is It Better To Rent A Generator?

The key advantage of renting one rather than purchasing one is that costs are lower at the start. A large industrial generator can cost more than ten thousand dollars. If money is the main problem, then renting may be a better option, and the cheaper cost isn’t the only advantage.

If you want a standby one to power your entire operation, you will need the size to be constant for long periods of time. Renting one gives you the freedom to select the size needed for each project rather than purchasing a one-size-fits-all solution.

Rental generators often feature a variety of functions, like connection options and control panels. They are easier to adapt, making them a better option than purchasing one.

Need Help With Renting Generators In Singapore?

We offer rental services in Singapore for across the island, for indoor and outdoor use. We bring your industry-leading and premium-quality generators that can meet your expectations and live up to industry safety standards. Give us a call today!

Our primary partner is Beng Beng Electrical Pte. Ltd., where we have a team of experienced electrical engineers and workers that will help with the generator setup and operations. We are one of the few in the industry that can offer power above 1MVA. (Most companies can only offer 200-300VA). We handle long-term rentals with a fixed time frame of minimum duration of 1 month to our customer based on their requirements.